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    AutoCAD and SketchUp Downloads

    We want to you choose Trus Joist products, so Weyerhaeuser provides 3D Elements to help you model the structural frame and CAD details to help you provide quality layouts. These make it easier to specify Trus Joist products in the software of your choice. Below are links to download these items for AutoCAD and SketchUp.

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    autocad details

    The details found within the following links can be downloaded to your computer and viewed using AutoCAD®. These details are compatible with AutoCAD 2000 and newer. They were created at a 1:1 scale with a 3/32″ text height and use colors 30 and 134. For best output results, we recommend the following:

    • When inserting the details into a MODELSPACE drawing, use a scale factor equal to your intended plot scale (e.g., use a 48 scale factor when plotting to a 1/4″=1″ scale)
    • When inserting the details directly into a PAPERSPACE drawing, use a 1:1 scale factor and then plot using a 1:1 scale.
    • Set the Lineweight of color 30 to .0075″ in your Plot Style
    • Set the Lineweight of color 134 to .0039″ in your Plot Style
    • Set your drawing LTSCALE to 1/4 of your intended plot scale (e.g., LTSCALE=12 when plotting to a 1/4″=1″ or 48 scale factor)

    Individual Details – North America (English)

    Individual Details – North America (Spanish)

    Fire Sprinkler Details – For installation instructions, consult the Fire-Rated Assemblies and Sprinkler Systems Guide.

    Fire Assembly Details


    These cover sheets address typical framing details for residential construction and may require modification by design professional for multi-family or commercial projects. Where a design professional is not involved, use of these cover sheets is limited to residential applications and, except for the title block, content should not be manipulated as it has been approved by Weyerhaeuser engineering for the loads and framing typical in residential applications.?

    The sheets are intended to augment a Javelin or Estima software layout, or one that is produced by some other means (e.g. AutoCAD), as page 1 of X. The CAD versions of the sheets are compatible with AutoCAD 2000 and newer and have been developed to be easily plotted from the Layout tab(s) at a 1:1 scale.?

    Floor Framing and Installation Typical Details Cover Sheet

    United States:TJ-4015, Spanish:TJ-4015S
    Black & White:TJ-4015-BW

    Roof Framing and Installation Typical Details Cover Sheet

    United States:TJ-4014
    Black & White:TJ-4014-BW

    Sketchup Models

    Use SketchUp software to model the structural frame. Find our Trus Joist products and details in the Trimble 3D Warehouse for SketchUp software.